Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling all sentimental.

When Aiden was still a baby for Christmas I wanted to get him this Stride to Ride Lion push toy. I thought it was really cute and it fit in with the jungle theme that I had going on for him. Plu sit was a pretty gender neutral toy that could be used for future kids. My Brother in Law got it for Aiden and I saved it in the closet until he started to show signs of cruising. Aiden was about 10mos when he started to cruise along the furniture. For his birthday he received a Little People push toy that came with some people and mini cars as well so the lion kind of took a backseat. I put it in the basement for safe keeping.

Now that Rebecca is here and she started to cruise back in December out the lion came. I cleaned it all up and she loved that she could walk around the house now on her own. She also loves that it plays music. While I do love the lion I was kind of hoping that someone would get her a push toy that was more girly. Ironically, Seth's aunt and uncle did get a Disney Princess one. I love it. It comes with a rocking base and also and attachable handle so that an adult can push her around. Also, for the younger ages, there is a bar that goes around the whole thing so she doesn't fall off of it. And it plays music as well. Aiden got all excited when he say it and we had to explain that it was for Rebecca that he still had his red car that he does play with on a regular basis still.

The day after the party I mention to Seth that now that Rebecca has the new push toy that I guess we don't need the lion anymore and that I could sell it at the consignment sale next month. He looks at me ans says "Well... why don't we wait and see." Awwww!!! He's getting all sentimental on something of the kids. I think it has to do with the fact that the lion was used by both kids and we have pictures of both of them using it. It is something that can be saved to use for potential grandkids and he has agreed with my idea to go through the toys to see which ones can be saved for that purpose. Like his toys were saved and Aiden now plays with Seth's old matchbox and hotwheels cars. This is the stuff that makes me smile and is the reason why I love him like I do.

Aiden on his 1st birthday with the lion.

Rebecca on her 1st birthday with the lion.

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