Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 1 Year Rebecca!!!

I know that this post is 2 days late now, but with the craziness that had been going on this past weekend I haven't had a moment to sit down to write this post. The craziness being that Rebecca has started her second year of life with a double ear infection. The joys of toddlerhood and fulltime daycare.


A year ago on February 11, 2011 the day started out pretty normal. Seth went off to work. Aiden and I got up, had breakfast, got ready for the day and then headed out to do some shopping at Target. I was still 2 weeks away from my due date , though I was secretly hoping that something would happen sooner so that I could feel somewhat normal again. And reach my feet again. Plus for the past week I had been having contractions that seemed to get pretty regular at night time to where I had to start timing them, but after about 2 hours they would die off. So much for getting your hopes up. I even tried doing t hings to help jump start labor and I will say this this is not advisable. We had a lot of snow that winter and we never covered the bushes so I decided one day that I needed to clear some of the snow off them. Nothing says labor like manual work. No dice. So back to February 11th. We go to Target. I'm pushin around the shopping cart, not even close to full and of course I'm having some Braxon Hicks/small contractions, but I'll be damned if I go back to the hospital and come home again with out an outside baby. We finish up, head home. Aiden has lunch, goes up for a nap so that means its my time to nap as well. Of course my body had other plans because the contractions started to kick up a bit. I had a contraction, felt a pop which made be jump off the couch and that is when I knew. I called Seth and told him that he needed to come home ASAP.

The next hour was pretty intense. We get 75% of the way to the hospital and wouldn't you know. Rush hour traffic because it was Friday. Finally get to the hospital. Seth had his parents meet us there instead of stopping at their house to drop off Aiden, which was the best idea because if we did it the other way around we would have been having Rebecca on the side of the road. I'm wheeled up to Labor and Delivery. Didn't get checked in because I told the nurse that I was feeling the urge to push so they rushed me to a room. I get the gown on. Get checked- 7cm. Have a big contraction and with that you get the classic movie scene of your water breaking. It ruptured all over the bed. I, of course, was apologizing because of the mess that I just made. And then I get the news that a lot of Moms don't want to hear. "No you can't have an epidural because there is not time." WHAT?!! I know that there are a lot of people out there that go med free, but for the most part they have chosen that option for their child birth plan. This was not in my plan. I know that plans don't aways go accordingly, but still. The long and very, very short of it all was that Rebecca, you made your very speedy entrance in 19 minutes. And honestly I will say that I am glad that I was able to experience child birth in both ways. Pain like that is a very strong motivator. She was out in about 3-4 pushes. And the recovery afterwards was great, probably because I didn't have to worry about all the lines that are normally put into you. I wasn't bloated from the IV fluids. I didn't have to worry about the catheter from the epidural. I didn't have to worry about the epidural insert spot either. I felt great. I even did my hair and make up while I was at the hospital. I honestly did not feel like I just had a baby.

Rebecca you complete our family and it is such a joy watching you grow and trying to keep up with you big brother Aiden. I can't see my life without you in it. Below are some shots from Rebecca's party.

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