Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The week so far..

So far things have gone pretty well. The morning routine is all the same with me getting up, getting ready for work, and then getting the kids ready. I drop them off at daycare in the morning and 95% of the time I pick them up as well so that is no big deal. I also get dinner ready when we get home, so that is also the same. The difference is that usually Seth will get home either right before dinner is done or in the middle of it so that afterwards one of us can clean up a little before we go play. And when Rebecca is ready for bedtime or on bath nights Seth is downstairs with Aiden. These nights I end up doing what I used to do and that is put on a show for Aiden to watch while I take Rebecca upstairs to either give her a quick bath or put her down. Usually I can get everything done before the 25mins is up and Aiden comes looking for me to put a new one on.

I miss going to the gym. Mon, Wed and Fri are my nights to go to the gym so after Rebecca goes to bed I head there for a nice workout and Seth puts Aiden to bed. Not this week. Its back to working out in the basement for me and honestly I now can say that I pretty much hate our treadmill. I am pretty sure that it is not level so I am running at an incline. I'll have to check it tonight, but either way I just can't run on it the same as at the gym. It's probably better quality there then what we bought, but either way I'm not getting nearly the same distance when I am at home. At least it is something and my whole week is not shot for working out.

Only a few more day left and everything will be back to normal.

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