Friday, February 10, 2012

First Year Photos

For Rebecca's first birthday photos we went to JC Penney. I signed up for the studio member ship and I had a pretty decent coupon as well. Of course the next day I find cleaning my desk that I also had a $50 rewards voucher towards our next photo shoot from when we had our holiday photos done so I could have paid less then $20 for all the sheets that we ordered in the. So it goes. She did pretty well with the shoot. I want to say that the hardest part was getting her to sit still while trying to get her to smile because once you made a silly face she would smile but then immediately start to crawl over to you and the photographer was great at snapping the shot quickly before she moved.

 She wanted nothing to do with the headband.

We managed to get 2 shots of her standing, but she wasn't looking at the camera.


  1. Just gorgeous. She stands by herself now?

    1. only for a little bit. If she is not paying attention then she will stand longer. This morning she took a few steps from the coffee table to the couch