Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Job!!

This Past Monday I started my new job. Not a temp job, not something that I got from a recruitor or a head hunter, but something that I earned on my own. Honestly, the recruitors that were working for me were crap. All last week we were constantly reminding Aiden that I would be going back to work and that he and Rebecca would be going back to school five days a week for the whole day. I would pick them up before dinner instead of after lunch. That he would now be napping at school with all his friends. You know one big giant sleepover party. I fully expected his first full week back to be rough and so far it has been. He's been acting out at school a little, not being a good listener. Yesterday he was throwing toys and kicking. I of course reminded his teachers again that this whole week is probably going to be a rough one on him while he adjusts to going everyday again. Maybe this is the wring way to go about it so soon, but each day we have told him  if we get a bad report from school then he is not allowed to watch any shows at home that night and so far he hasn't watched any.

I can tell te days that he hasn't had a good one because when I ask him how his day was he ahs started to yell at me " No!! I don't want to talk about that. Nevermind!" Seth is usually the one that can get him to talk when it is his turn to put Aiden to bed. They have their little father/son bonding time for a couple of minutes while he is setling into bed. Monday night Seth asked Aiden about school and then asked him if he was sad. Aiden said yes he was. When asked why he was sad, he said that he was sad because I had to go back to work and that he wanted to stay home with me. (Cue melting heart) In hearing this it is also making me realize that Aiden is really starting to feel his emotions more and while some of the times he doesn't understand why he is feeling a certain way there are other times that he fully understands what he is feeling. The times that he doesn't know how to process are the times when he tends to act out and throw things or hit or push. He needs a little more work on that, but he is getting there. That is the process of a three year old. However, that said, I really enjoy being backat work. I look forward to going home and seeing the kids. So far this week I have enjoyed playing with them more because I was not home all day with them. Yes, I love my kids to death, but in the end I am not stay-at-home mom material. I am a working mom. The almost 2 years that I stayed home were great, but the past month was really starting to get to me. I wanted to feel like there was more to my life then just sitting at home doing laundry and saying "no" all the time. Yes taking care of a household is tough work and that it s a big contribution in itself, but I want to feel like I helping out in other ways that is more full filling in my opinion. Seth and I can do the house chores together. Plus it's really good for the kids to be at daycare and to socialize. It's a lot easier for them to learn basic skills there then at home when there is a bazillion toys all over the play and they know that home is not really a place for school type learning. Yes, I do know there are lots of ways to make learning fun, but that hard part is getting the child to realize that when he knows that all his favorite shows are all sitting on the DVR box waiting for him. (Yes, I did limit his viewing time when he was home)

Either way, even though this week is training week and there hasn't been a whole lot of me to do except meet everyone, I am really liking my job. Its in my desired career field and if I were to go back to school it is a job that my schooling would apply to as well. I finally have something that I like and can see myself staying at for a long period of time.

Look at all that fabric!!

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